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Ninyo & Moore is a minority-owned, California Corporation that specializes in geotechnical and environmental consulting services. Since 1986, clients have turned to Ninyo & Moore for innovative solutions to complex challenges. Ninyo & Moore provides tailored services to clients in both the public and private sectors from 16 offices located throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Utah. Ninyo & Moore's personnel base has grown to 600 professionals and includes registered and/or certified geotechnical and civil engineers, geologists, engineering geologists, hydrogeologists, geophysicists, environmental scientists, and specialists in fields such as regulatory issues and interpretation, hazardous waste management, and remedial action planning. 

Ninyo & Moore performs geotechnical engineering, environmental and materials testing and inspection services for a variety of water projects. Ninyo & Moore is experienced in all phases of planning, design, construction, and rehabilitation of water and gas pipelines, outfalls, storm drains, sewer systems, forcemains, pump stations, water and wastewater treatment plants, water reclamation facilities, stormwater infiltration basins and infiltration galleries, composting facilities, UV treatment facilities, filtration plants, PFAS treatment facilities, dams, steel tanks, concrete tanks, and open concrete reservoirs and ponds. Ninyo & Moore’s team of qualified professionals has extensive experience performing services in accordance with Federal, State, and local municipality regulations.

Ninyo & Moore has provided services for such agencies as:

  • California American Water
  • Chino Basin Desalter Authority
  • County of Los Angeles
  • County of Orange
  • Cucamonga Valley Water District
  • Eastern Municipal Water District
  • Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District
  • Grove Reservoir Camp Pendleton
    Tertiary Treatment Plant
  • East Orange County Water District
  • Helix Water District
  • Inland Empire Utilities Agency
  • Irvine Ranch Water District
  • Laguna Beach County Water District
  • Las Vegas Valley Water District
  • Long Beach Water Department
  • Metropolitan Water District of So. CA
  • Mojave Water Agency
  • Moulton Niguel Water District
  • Olivenhain Municipal Water District
  • Orange County Sanitation District
  • Orange County Water District
  • Otay Water District
  • Padre Dam Municipal Water District
  • Rainbow Municipal Water District
  • San Bernardino Municipal Water District
  • San Diego County Water Authority
  • Santa Margarita Water District
  • South Coast Water District
  • Southern Nevada Water Authority
  • Sweetwater Authority
  • Vista Irrigation District
  • West Basin Municipal Water District
  • Western Municipal Water District
  • West Harris County Regional
    Water Authority

For more information, please contact Michael Putt or visit the firm's website.

Michael Putt, PG, CEG
Principal Geologist
(949) 753-7070

Ninyo & Moore
Geotechnical & Environmental Sciences Consultants
475 Goddard, Suite 200 |  Irvine, CA 92618

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