Buena Park Explores UDF: An OCWA Webinar

  • 16 Sep 2020
  • 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online Zoom Webinar


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  • The Meeting Link will be emailed
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UDF: A Singular Way
to Preserve and Improve
Water Quality & Service
The City of Buena Park Explores
a Test Program in Unidirectional Flushing

Another Special Webinar
hosted by OCWA

September 16, 2020 – 12:30 pm


Doug Brodowski
Operations Manager,
City of Buena Park,
Department of Public Works

Mike McGee
Water Services Superintendent,
City of Buena Park,
Department of Public Works

Gregg Cummings, PE
Senior Associate
Hazen and Sawyer

Building on the Success
of Our Previous Webinars,
Join Us September 16
for an in-depth look at
an alternate technology.

Once again, 
we’re going to host an
Online ZOOM Webinar
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About Our Presentation

Colored water in the distribution lines can be the bane of many a water agency. When caused by iron or manganese in the system, the reddish-brown cast will immediately raise concerns for customers throughout the service area. It’s a situation that must be addressed and cleared up immediately, lest it negatively impact both the infrastructure and public confidence.

For the City of Buena Park, the impact of colored water on its system has been an ongoing concern. Despite meeting all state and federal regulatory requirements for drinking water, the appearance at times of colored water within its system threatens the City’s great relationship with its customers.

To address this sporadic issue, the City enlisted Hazen and Sawyer (Hazen) to assist with evaluating water quality data, and to develop several options to remedy the discolored water.

The City, after discussion with Hazen, decided to start first with a test program for unidirectional flushing.

Unidirectional flushing (UDF) cleans the water lines by harnessing the power of the water itself. By closing off select valves and opening specific hydrants, water is directed down a single water main. The concentrated pressure creates enough velocity to scour the pipe and flush all sediments away. Properly applied, UDF both cleanses the system and uses less water than conventional flushing. The result is enhanced water quality, improved pipe capacity, and better operation of the entire system.

As the City was already using pipeline flushing, it requested Hazen develop a test program to evaluate the effectiveness of UDF in two service tracts. Hazen developed UDF journals and assisted with field sampling to evaluate the program’s results.  From this initial study, the City hoped to determine if UDF is the right approach for addressing discolored water.

So join us, September 16, for a revealing look at the early development of a useful technique that promises savings of time, money, and water. And above all, it’s a process that helps ensure goodwill throughout the service area.

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About Our Speakers

Doug Brodowski is the Operations Manager for the Buena Park Department of Public Works. One of his roles is to assist with managing Buena Park’s water system, which provides a combination of surface water and groundwater to its customers.

Mike McGee is the Water Services Superintendent for the Buena Park Department of Public Works. Among his many roles, Mike is responsible for Buena Park’s Annual Water Quality Reports as well as for managing water distribution system flushing.

Gregg Cummings is a Senior Associate with Hazen and Sawyer. He has been managing unidirectional flushing projects for almost 20 years and has assisted the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the City of Groveland, and the Oakland International Airport with setting up their unidirectional flushing programs. Gregg is the Project Manager for Buena Park’s unidirectional flushing test project.

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