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One of Our Valued 2021 Corporate Sponsors

AES Water, Inc. – Serving the Southern California Water Industry for over 25 years!

AES Water, Inc. set out to fulfill a niche market in the fluid management industry, specifically to provide a complete seismic valve controller system.

Our philosophy is not to tie the customer to us because of a proprietary system, but rather to allow them to choose on each purchase order whether or not we have earned their business.

The majority of our system is made with off the shelf components (readily available from 2 or more sources in less than 48 hours). Thus if a motor, PLC, or relay goes bad, the customer has the choice to have AES maintain the equipment or someone else.

Our objective was and still is to provide a reliable turn-key system to help maintain our customer’s seismic preparedness.

AES Water’s performance history and customer service is impeccable - to our knowledge we have been able to maintain the patronage of every utility that has installed our equipment. In the event you are considering this type of equipment, please contact Darik Walton at (949) 230-6653  


AES Water, Inc. (AES) valve controllers give fluid management companies more flexibility, allowing them to perform their jobs more effectively in the field or from the central office.  When coupled with the AES T6 Seismic Instrument, emergency preparedness is taken to the next level.  With an AES valve controller system providing reliable and repeatable valve control, especially after an earthquake or terrorist attack, everyone is more secure.

Emergency Benefits

Pursuant to HR 3448 the “Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002”, installing a complete AES valve controller and seismic instrument is synonymous to having a worker on site 24/7 in the event of a terrorist attack or damaging earthquake.  After an attack or damaging earthquake, emergency procedures can immediately be implemented.  Water quality and quantity will be maintained and cleanup will be held to an absolute minimum, thus saving valuable time, money, water and public trust.

Site Benefits

The VL80 valve controller allows field crews the ability to exercise a valve without using their physical strength.  With the push of a button a valve can be run from full open to close and back open again in a matter of minutes or the valve exercising can be done automatically through the controller.  AES provides the most feature-rich and cost effective valve controllers allowing fluid management companies’ the ability to operate on their terms and within their standards, not that of a specific manufacturer’s. Our objective when opening our doors in 1994 was to assist fluid managers in providing better site control while improving emergency preparedness system wide.

Productivity Benefits

AES controllers are useful in all valve control situations however the main usage has been at reservoirs with or without commercial power.  The 24vdc operation provides needed power to control the valve when on site or from a remote location.  This ability to have site control from a remote location is especially useful when sites are in outlaying areas with limited accessibility or during inclement weather.  Management may require fewer site visits and thus allow valuable personnel time to be spent on more pressing day to day concerns. 

Darik Walton
Sales Manager

AES Water, Inc.
Phone: 949-230-6653

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