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Leighton Consulting, Inc. (Leighton) is an award-winning engineering firm recognized as a 2020 Top Design Firm by Engineering News-Record (ENR). We are headquartered in Irvine, California, and provide geotechnical and environmental engineering, materials testing, and special inspection services to public- and private-sector clients. Leveraging our expertise in earth science and engineering combined with our knowledge of current local, state, and federal building and environmental codes and regulations, Leighton has been providing sound solutions for the planning, design, and construction of infrastructure and communities across southern California for 60 years.

Leighton has substantial experience with water delivery, storage and conveyance systems. The Leighton Team offers experienced coordinators and skilled field personnel capable of performing specialty exploration and testing in difficult conditions, including remote limited access issues, and difficult drilling through cobbles, gravel and hard rock.

From the data obtained in the field through a subsurface investigation and from published data, the geotechnical analyses identify soil profiles and physical, geochemical and engineering properties of subsurface materials, and groundwater conditions impacting the subject underground structures. Recommendations are provided for dewatering methods, earthwork and subgrade stabilization, structure foundations, lateral earth pressures for design of structures, pipeline design parameters and backfill specifications (including bedding and backfilling) and loading conditions on the buried structure. Construction considerations are also discussed including trenching issues such as excavatability and rippability, temporary stability of excavations, and lateral earth pressures for shoring design. Pipeline/conduit construction techniques such as boring and jacking, microtunneling and directional drilling can also be addressed as needed.

Leighton provides data-driven geotechnical solutions for the design and construction of storm drains, storm channels, detention basins, sewer lines, potable water and recycled water pipelines, water tanks and reservoirs, desalination plants and facilities, and groundwater replenishment facilities. At the onset of every project, we assess the current site conditions. This includes but it not limited to drilling, sampling, testing followed by data analysis and engineering recommendations provided by one of our California-registered Geotechnical Engineer.

Leighton’s environmental services begin in the early phase of the real estate transaction, often during due diligence. Through the regulatory process and site remediation, our environmental specialists are here to help your project from the ground down. Experienced managers using state-of-the-art resources and tools support the group. Additional staff includes experts in geology, environmental engineering, occupational health & safety, regulatory compliance and permitting, and litigation support.

We provide comprehensive Phase II Environmental Assessments and remedial investigations, evaluating sites for the possible presence of contamination, using a variety of field and sampling techniques and equipment. Cost-effective screening techniques allow us to evaluate and adjust the level of testing and work needed for the assessments as they progress.

We assist clients in developing strategies for responding to and complying with regulatory agency directives including dealing with critical issues such as Notification of Potentially Responsible Parties, Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study (RI/FS), and Clean-Up and Abatement Orders.

Selecting a consultant to provide materials testing and inspection is a vital piece of Quality Assurance. In the most straightforward way, the Construction Quality Assurance Program (CQAP) is to provide confidence that the quality of the materials and workmanship conforms to the requirements of the plans and specifications. Quality also includes meeting the schedule and budget.

Understanding the relevant codes and providing special inspectors with both the appropriate certifications, and experience is what sets Leighton apart. Leighton special inspectors prepare neat, clear, and detailed inspection reports as well as maintain both daily inspection reports and a daily diary of inspection activities. Their practical experience includes recognition of whether work in progress conforms to the approved plans and specifications, and generating job memorandums for review and approval by the Inspector-in-Charge.

Jeff Hull, PG, CEG

Djan Chandra, PE, GE
Vice President

Leighton Consulting

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