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In Search of
Water Independence:

A Report on OCWA’s August 2020 Webinar

Pure Water Oceanside
Diversifying the City’s Water Supply
While Reducing Imported Water
by over 30%

By Tim Hogan
OCWA Communications

It was an ambitious plan by any measure. In the midst of a drought, however, it seemed the wisest course.

Faced with rising costs for scarce imported water, the City of Oceanside decided in 2014 to diversify its sources of supply. Instead of relying on imported water, as it did in that year for almost 90% of its needs, the City Council set a goal to get 50% of its water from local sources by the year 2030.

The effort to reach this ambitious goal was the topic of our August “Industry Insight” webinar. The City of Oceanside’s Principal Water Engineer, Lindsay Leahy, P.E., was joined by Steve Tedesco, Senior Manager, Tetra Tech, to present an in-depth look at the planning and development for “Pure Water Oceanside,” the latest California project built to purify recycled water into a source of high quality, potable water.

Speaking to an audience of over 100 participants, the speakers addressed a host of topics, from the initial feasibility studies to the planning, design, permits, and funding. It was a comprehensive look at a large, complicated project.

When completed, the $67 million project will treat flows from the City’s San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility. An Advanced Water Purification Plant using Membrane Filtration (MF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), and Ultraviolet Advanced Oxidation Process (UVAOP) will provide 3 to 5 million gallons of potable water per day, or more than 30% of the City of Oceanside’s water supply. The project also includes 2 to 3 injection wells that will be used to place the purified water into the Mission Groundwater Basin.

Divided into two distinct phases, the project will eventually shift the City’s water use mix from its present 89% in imported water to a more reasonable 44%. Almost a third of its water (32%) will be generated by the Pure Water Oceanside plant, with recycled water for irrigation accounting for another 24%. Construction began in 2017 and is expected to be complete by mid-2022.

•    •     •

OCWA was pleased to host yet another in our continuing series of online webinars. This informative presentation by Lindsay Leahy and Steve Tedesco continued the exceptional standard which OCWA is committed to provide in our new Industry Insight webinar series. For despite the disruptions the Covid-19 pandemic has plagued us with, the OCWA Board of Directors remains committed to providing quality, timely information for the Association’s members, as well as the entire Orange County water community.

For those interested, a PDF of this presentation is available for download by OCWA’s members only. Yet another great reason to consider becoming a member if you aren’t one already.

The September Industry Insight Webinar promises to be equally engaging, as well. Doug BrodowskiOperations Manager, City of Buena ParkMike McGeeWater Services Superintendent, City of Buena Park, and Greg CummingsSenior Associate, Hazen and Sawyer, will provide an detailed look at the City’s test program for Unidirectional Flushing.

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So join us, September 16, for a revealing look at the early development of a useful technique that promises savings of time, money, and water.

The Association wishes to express it’s appreciation to
Hazen and Sawyer
for sponsoring our September webinar.



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