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OCWA Corporate Sponsors for 2024 . . .

  • 23 Feb 2024
  • 12:00 PM
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We’re Looking for
Corporate Sponsors
for 2024

2023 was a tremendous success for OCWA. And a great deal of our success was built on the bedrock of support we received from our Corporate Sponsors, without whom we could not have accomplished all we enjoyed.

Our triumphs took many forms. In the wake of the pandemic, we staged a full return of all our events and activities — our myriad social affairs, renowned training sessions, and always popular Industry Insight presentations, all met with rousing success. And with the support of our Sponsors, we have plans for even more in 2024.

Where last year we focused on developing our young professionals programs, this year we’ll expand with events targeted towards women in the water industry. And as with the Emerging Professionals events, these new programs will seek to build industry knowledge while they foster a sense of professional community.

The surge in new enrollments we experienced with the introduction of our Bundled Membership program for public agencies, continued throughout 2023. This bodes well for all members, as these public agency representatives attend many of our events and interact closely with our corporate members.

Best of all, in 2023 both our industry training events and our social gatherings saw record-breaking attendance numbers. And we have plans to increase participation across the board, an ambitious program which will require a lot of preparation and coordination, but your new Board of Directors is more than ready for the challenge.

That’s why we want to offer you an opportunity to partner with us and become a Corporate Sponsor in 2024.

There are many benefits for Corporate Sponsorship. Each month, select Sponsors are featured in all promotional pieces for that month’s Industry Insight presentation. They’re also prominently displayed in the slide show before each presentation. In addition, all Sponsors are recognized throughout the year on the OCWA website. They’re also given a page on our website dedicated to their company, with a writeup of their choice, along with links to their corporate website and the phone and email of their primary contact.

All this for a donation of $500. This helps underwrite our programs, and covers additional incidental costs incurred throughout the year.

But act now! To be a part of this select group, you must respond by Friday, January 26, 2024.

To become a 2024 Sponsor, signup here.

For further information, contact Dave Jones, OCWA Treasurer, or Candice Espinoza, President.

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